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Dahon Bikes USA
3550 North Union Drive
Olney, IL 62450 US
P: 800-442-3511
F: 626-305-9153
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This online store uses Shopatron to manage their order fulfillment. The Shopatron name assures you that your online shopping experience will be convenient, professional, and secure.

Place Orders and Pay Online
The Shopatron shopping service makes it easy to find and order the special products you need. When you order and pay online, our intelligent system immediately starts working to ensure that you receive your products as soon as possible.

Shopatron accepts payment by Visa, American Express, and Discover. Some stores accept other payment methods, such as PayPal and Bill Me Later. The payment methods for this store are listed when you check out.

COD orders are not accepted.

Shopatron does not accept credit card numbers delivered by email. You should never send credit card numbers by email, as this is not a secure practice.

Sales Tax
Tax will be applied to your order if it is delivered from the same state or province as your shipping address. Some areas require tax to be assessed on shipping and handling charges. We don't know the fulfillment location until after you place your order, so your checkout screen and order confirmation email may not include taxes.

Telephone, Postal Mail, Fax, or Email Orders
This store only accepts online orders. Orders cannot be placed by telephone, postal mail, email or Fax.

If you have issues using this website, your web browser might be outdated. We recommend using a recent version of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari.

Shipping and Handling Charges
When you check out, you can view the shipping and handling charges for your order. In the rare case that shipping and handling charges exceed the amount shown, we will notify you. The state or province may require tax to be applied to shipping and handling charges.

Dahon Bikes USA uses multiple shipping rules to determine shipping and handling charges. The shipping rules are listed below. Please see your shopping cart for an estimate of the exact shipping charges for your order.

Dahon Bikes USA only ships within the United States of America

  • Accessories: Shipping Charges are USD$ 10.90 Minimum Charge of USD$ 10.90

  • 20 wheels: Shipping Charges are 35.00 Per Unit Minimum Charge of USD$ 35.00 , Minimum Charge of USD$ 35.00

  • 24: Shipping Charges are USD$ 15.00 Minimum Charge of USD$ 15.00

  • International Orders
    With the Shopatron service, online orders can be delivered worldwide. However, some products, especially large items and items that contain fuel or other hazardous chemicals, are not available for shipment to other countries. To be sure, check the product and shipping notes as you shop. If your country is not listed at checkout, your order cannot be delivered there.

    Tax and duty fees may be charged by your country when your order arrives. Those additional charges are your responsibility. Dahon Bikes USA only ships within the United States of America

  • Accessories: Shipping Charges are USD$ 15.90 Minimum Charge of USD$ 15.90

  • 20 wheels: Shipping Charges are 70.00 Per Unit Minimum Charge of USD$ 70.00 , Minimum Charge of USD$ 70.00

  • 24: Shipping Charges are USD$ 50.00 Minimum Charge of USD$ 50.00

    For information on products in the Dahon Bikes online catalog, send email to montier@dahonbikes.com.
    For questions about your order please log into Check order status and history.
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